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Artist Statement

My practice is an exploration of painting in an expanded space. It is concerned with painting off the canvas, on a photographic surface. It also incorporates other media, namely drawing, collage and printmaking. Working with digitally manipulated inkjet prints, I respond to the images through various paint applications. The paint is applied so that it can co-exist with the photographic elements, other times it is applied so that it breaks or ruptures the photographic surface creating tension between painted and photographic areas. Operating between figuration and abstraction, my work seeks to address multiple and provisional positions and experiences.

In my work I examine social, cultural and geographical space across representations of class, gender and race. I explore my own Irish rural history by re-using old family photographs. In particular I explore those images that depict specific class and gendered spaces and their surrounding environment the West of Ireland landscape. Through reworking these images and spaces, I attempt to unfix a static rendering of gender, landscape and cultural space through paint.My practice seeks to question boundaries and cut across dichotomies as they relate to gender and cultural difference. I explore the space between meaning and categorisation questioning normative readings of culture, gender, space and painting practice.By employing multiple visual strategies on one surface, I aim to collapse cultural and material boundaries.

My work engages with the history of painting and the way in which new technologies can generate visual information. It addresses digital imagery and takes its possibilities on board and reuses them in painting.


pdf-icon Artist Statement